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About Us

Ad Lib performs music at weddings, corporate functions, cocktail parties, formal dinners, as well as any house party.

Our repertoire features well-known hits from movies and billboard charts, as well as classical favourites and smooth background music. Our classical interpretations of popular music is liked by all our clients. We have performed at schools, churches, various academic institutions, private companies, embassies,  restaurants, many weddings and at numerous private events.

If a client has a specific demand, we expand our trio with other instruments like saxophone or strings. Our members also perform solo upon request.

Engelette Kruger also teaches piano and did post degree studies with focus on transformative piano teaching.

Our Members

Carinè Kruger
Carinè KrugerFlute
Engelette Kruger
Engelette KrugerPiano
Annie Kruger
Annie KrugerClarinet

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